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The current Version is

Requirements for o2c, Version 2 and higher

Whilst viewing o2c models with the old Player was good, the new player has the advantage of using a 3D-grahics card to improve the viewing speed and display quality of the 3D model.

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Download o2c-plugins

O2CSetup.exe (recommended)

o2c-Player O2CSetup.exe: Installs in one step all available o2c-Browser-Plugins.


o2c directory for Powerpoint

With one Click you can create a Powerpoint presentation showing all o2c objects of a choosen directory with the complete o2c player functionality.


The makro "o2c-directory" can initially be used in the downloaded presentation only. To install it for your projects, do the following:

Start Powerpoint and open the downloaded presentation, if asked choose "Activate Makros".

Choose Categorie "Macros", the macro "o2c_directory" appears as a command. Click on it, drag and drop it to the Toolbar.

Note: The o2c-Objects may not be visible in the editing Mode.


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